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Jammer "SEL-324A SPEAKER"

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SEL-324A Speaker is a high-power microphone (including cell phone microphones) and audio recorder jammer integrated into a common ceiling speaker case, intended for manual installation primarily above desks and tables in meeting rooms.

SEL-324A "Speaker" is a high-power and efficient microphone jamming device due to its thought-out design that includes high-quality direction- al ultrasonic transducer array that pushes a complex, tailor-made noise waveform on a frequency band that is below human hearing point, but right in the zone of common audio microphone bandwidth, applying a constant noise pressure on the microphone's membrane.

An array of 24 ultrasonic transducers in the SEL-324A "Speaker" are installed in a thin (the height of the device is 40 mm) drum-shaped ceiling speaker case, providing easy deployment into ceiling speaker mounting points, that are commonly available in rooms as mounts for emergency speaker audio systems.

Due to SEL-324A ceiling mounting position, a multipath propagation effect is created, which reflects the generated noise from surfaces and items, further increasing the suppression area and efficiency.



- An array of 24 high-quality piezo-ceramic transducers, controlled by a microchip that automatically shifts the noise signal in time and frequency domains, achieving best possible jamming efficiency and rendering any actual speech signal on the microphone unintelligible.

- Special power supply: device draws power from the standard ceiling speaker DC wiring: 12 V, and starts automatically whenever power is applied.

- Easy to use control: can be turned on/off via presence of power in the power supply line. Wireless RF remote control.

- Easy mounting spring brackets.



Generated noise frequency bandwidth

24-26 kHz

Number of ultrasonic transducers

24 pcs.

Type of emission interference

complex structured ultrasonic noise

Microphone Suppression Directionality

perpendicular to the plane of ultrasonic emitters

On/off switch

presence/absence of 12 V power in line / Remote control

Average effective jamming range

4 meters (Effective jamming range may vary based on type of microphone of the audio device and its relative position to the jammer )

Power supply

+12 V DC

Continuous operation time


Case material

plastic and metal

Mounting Installation Dimensions (Minimum)

D165x40 mm (Minimum)


199 mm


not more than 600 g

Operating temperature range

0...+50 °C

Relative humidity

no more 85%

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