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Multifunctional Detection Device ST-031M “PIRANHA“

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ST-031M Piranha is a new generation multifunctional counter surveillance device, designed for detection and localization of all major types of eavesdropping devices. ST-031M is logic continuation of the well known multifunctional devices series “Piranha”.



- Radio microphones;

- Telephone transmitters;

- Radio-stethoscopes;

- Concealed video cameras equipped with a radio channel for transmission of information; Technical means or systems for spatial radio frequency radiation;

- Beacons of the systems used for moving objects monitoring (e.g. people, transportation means, goods, etc.);

- Unauthorized radio stations, radio handsets, and also telephones with radio-extension; Radio modems and digital wireless access systems;

- Devices transmitting intercepted information by AC 220V mains lines and capable of operating at frequencies up to 30 MHz;

- Technical means of imposing a linear high-frequency signals operating at frequencies above 150 kHz;

- Devices transmitting intercepted information by subscriber telephone lines, the lines of fire and burglar alarm systems with a carrier frequency above 20 kHz;

- Computers and other technical means of production, reproduction and transmission of information.



Three detection channels, each of which is designed to search for signals in a particular frequency range. Set of antennas, sensors and adapters allows adapting the device to process search for a variety of eavesdropping devices and information leakage of natural origin;

Ability to distinguish signals from the base station and signals from cellular phones;
Investigation of the received signal in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope mode;
Identification of standard digital data transmission channels (GSM, DECT, BLUETOOTH, WiFi and etc.); Simple and intuitive interface;

PC-connection feature provides the ability for imaging and archiving information.



Channel 1 selective HF detector frequency range

140...4420 MHz

Input impedance

50 Ohm


1-40 MHz

Scanning speed

40 GHz/s

Minimal detectable signal in the automatic mode

≤ –65 dBm

Dynamic range

50 db

Demodulation modes

AM / wideband FM

Channel 2 scanning receiver frequency range

0,05...140 MHz

Input impedance (symmetrical)

600 Ohm

Minimal detectable signal in the automatic mode

25 dBuV


40 MHz

Scanning speed

35 MHz/s

Channel 3 low-frequency amplifier frequency range

0,025...100 khz

Input impedance

100 kOhm

Amplification ratio

12, 24, 36, 48 db

Multipurpose adapter BWLC031M max. allowed voltage in power line

300 V, AC, DC

Ultrahigh frequency sensor frequency range

3...12 GHz

Induction converter (Magnetic field sensor) frequency range

0,07...100 khz

Measuring range of the magnetic field, nT

0,5...2000 nT

Dimensions of the main unit (length, width, height)

175x83x36 mm

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