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Wireline Analyzer "ST-301 SPIDER"


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Wire lines analyzer ST-301 “Spider” is designed to detect and locate eavesdropping devices, galvanically connect- ed to power and low-current wire lines in the inspected object. The analyzer uses both passive and active modes of operation. This allows detecting eavesdropping devices which are in active or in stand-by mode  at the time of a sweep operation.


Modes of operation

- Low frequency amplifier

- Wired receiver

- Wired Non-linear junction detector. Reflectometer


Functional capabilities:

- Detection and analysis of signals from cable (dynamic and electret) microphones in low-current wire lines;

- Activation of electret cable microphones by applying an in-line BIAS voltage for their detection Detection of eavesdropping devices signals, which are transmitting information via power and low- current lines in the frequency range of 100 kHz...180 MHz;

- Detection and evaluation of unauthorized galvanic connections to wire lines in the modes of non-linear junction detector and reflectometer;

- Measurement of direct and alternating voltage in the tested line.


The analyzer has an integrated electronic switch, which is designed to increase the efficiency of multi- wire cable testing.
Automatic and manual modes of electronic commutator control allow connecting all combinations of wire pairs of the tested multi-wire cable that connects to the input connector of the switch.

Automatic mode of operation and electronic commutator allow to execute the various types of measure- ments in all combinations of multi-wire cables pairs for several seconds.
Adapters, switches and cables, which are included in the kit, allows to connect the device to the most common types of cabling.

Use of automated mode of analyzer, in combination with electronic switch, allows to carry out various kinds of measurements on all the possible combinations of pairs of multi-wire cable in a few seconds. Adapters, couplers and cables, which are included in the ST-301 SPIDER delivery set, allows to connect the device to the most common types of wired lines.